Hello Again!

Hello! I’m Mysti, & want to welcome you to my blog. First, a little about myself. I am a 60+, happily married Mom of three adult daughters. I grew up in San Diego California, & I love it there. Most of my family still lives there. My husband  (whom I will call “the Mister”) & I, & our three daughters lived there also, but moved to southern Oregon in 2003. Two of our daughters followed us up here, & the third (middle) daughter still lives in San Diego. Last February the Mister & I sold our 4 acre farm in the country & moved to the city, where we share a good sized home with our two daughters (whom I will call “R” & “S”), & our Son-in-Law (whom I will call “J”.

Adjusting to our new life here has been quite an adventure, but thankfully was not as difficult as I expected. I am disabled & get around in a power wheelchair. One great thing for me about living here is that I can access nearly all of the rooms here. Our old home was a double-wide mobile, vintage 1970’s model, with the long skinny hallway down the middle & narrow doorways that my chair couldn’t fit through, so I had to use my walker to go anywhere but the kitchen & the living & dining rooms.  In May, a couple of months after moving here, I fell in the bathroom & broke my left leg. I was rushed from our local hospital up to Portland’s Oregon Health & Science University Hospital (OHSU), where I had surgery & spent a week. I now have a steel plate in my left thigh, holding the bone together. Thankfully my knee replacement wasn’t damaged at all. My recovery from the injury has been very slow, but this is normal with me.

I have been diagnosed with a genetic collagen defect called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which has eaten away all or most of the cartilage in most of my joints, especially my knees, hips & spine. It has also caused many other collagen-related problems with my  muscles, tendons & skin tissues, like muscle spasms, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, & weird sores & blemishes on my skin. I’ve had many other problems, but I won’t bore you any further with them. Suffice it to say that dealing with this disorder has brought me more “downs” than “ups”, but I’ve also gained a lot of patience, understanding of others’ problems, & I’ve realized that I have to choose how I will respond to my problems, whether to be negative & crabby, or to try to see the brighter side & just deal with things on a step-by-step, one day at a time basis. The second choice works much better for me, & as a Christian I am able to receive strength & help from God, which is a huge benefit. I know I could never have made it through many situations that I’ve faced in my 60+ years of life without having God as my Friend, Counselor, Provider, etc. He is truly everything to me, & He is always so good & faithful, even when I’m not.
I’m a huge fan of mysteries & the Classics, in books, movies, etc., & I plan to blog about this topic often. I am a Christian, & I will also be sharing about some Bible related topics which I hope will be helpful to you. Some of the authors I enjoy are those of Agatha Christie, Louisa May Alcott, Jules Verne, CS Lewis, Charles Dickens, JRR Tolkein, Mark Twain, Jane Austin, William Shakespeare (of course!), Victoria Holt, Daphne DuMorier, & so many others.

I hope you will find something in my posts that you will enjoy, or can relate to.

Hugs & Blessings,